lemme smell yo dick

Cameron / 18 / five guys burgers and cries
If you like bacon and women you've come to the right place


roses are red

anon hate is rude

i can’t write poems

send me a nude

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my favourite video on the whole internet

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Check out "Tiny Tower" →

Play this shit. Seriously addicting


Remember the time Cosmo got breast implants?

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I’ve gotten into the habit of talking to myself and its really unhealthy but no ones ever around :/


the worst is when somebody just like totally breaks you but they are fine and just living their life and ur just like wtf do i do with all these pieces now lol

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Everyone around me has happy relationships and they go out at night and party and all I do is sit in bed alone and listen to music.I’m so very sick of this crippling loneliness.I feel like I’m about to collapse.

That’s ok I’ll just lay in my quiet bed for the next seven years and never hangout with anyone


we could be married with like 4 kids and i’d still be too scared to text you first

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First smartphone and first high school diploma I finally feel white middle class